Welcome to idFREAKS
idFREAKS is a small multimedia company which has, for many years, been making music and jingles for broadcast and online clients, and several of our clients have said we should advertise ourselves - so here we are. We're a budget operation, which doesn't mean the quality of our product is low, just our prices!
We don't have a massive recording complex in the centre of a big city to pay for, so we can charge a reasonable price for what we do. We do, however, have the same quality equipment and production facilities, giving you the highest quality possible with all the benefits of being in London, UK.
Delivery can be on audio CD, DVD ROM, Memory stick or via the internet, whichever suits you. As we are constantly working on projects the lead time for new jingles is usually up to six weeks, two weeks for re-sings. If you need them faster please mention this in your first contact. We can do "tomorrow" if your life depends on it ;-)
Whether you're a national broadcaster needing a one-day special jingle, an advertiser needing a short or long-term campaign, a radio station looking for a different and affordable approach to station imaging, a podcaster who wants to make an impact or a bedroom DJ who wants his own jingle to play about with, we do it, and you can afford it!
We are about to start "online ordering" although most of our work is custom, so to order any re-sings or new work click on "contact" on the left and tell us what you want, we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Even at Christmas. How's that for service? :-)
All audio on this site is copyright either by idFREAKS.com or a third party, all abuses will be subject to the full force of the law. We don't sell third party audio.